Tomo Okamoto (calving) wrote in 69lovedsongs,
Tomo Okamoto

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yo~yo ma!

Dude i loooove that album. it is wicked tight.

69 love songs pimp my socks.
have you heard of the blow, deerhoof, bear suit, wilco?
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I've heard of deerhoof and wilco...

Deerhoof has an album called Milkman, correct? Or about a milkman, anyway? I was reading about it a long time ago.

I really need to download some of them.
yea there music is cool in there own way.
quite unique.

can i be added to this community?
and i've only heard of wilco

heard of but not heard

i feel sad now
you should get some of there stuff, there sweet.
i think they are in the spongebob movie...along with the flaming lips.
i havent seen the movie though so i cant say if the music they play in it is good or not.
but wilco is sweet.
i live in michigan and my brother go's to a music school in nashville. wilco is'nt big here but in nashville there big.


December 15 2004, 23:47:16 UTC 13 years ago

i like wilco. have you guys heard of belle and sebastian, darren hanlon or the lucksmiths?
i havent..i might download them
The Blow is great.
Belle and Sebastian is also great.
Deerhoof is good too. See Xiu Xiu if you want to be amazed.